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Power Bees Alternative Energy
PowerBees, Inc.
Alternative Energy Solutions, Mold Removal, Air Duct Cleaning and Water, Smoke and Fire Damage Repair
Serving: Southern Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Southern New Hampshire
258 Pelham Island Road
Wayland, MA 01778
Phone: 888-402-2337
Fax: 617-948-5984
PowerBees is responsible for providing services and products related to installing alternative energy sources, improving both air and water quality,air duct cleaning, mold removal, flood restoration, fire damage repair, chemical disaster cleanup and increasing safety in both the home or office. We will recommend strategies that will reduce your energy costs while identifying solutions that improve your indoor environment. 

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Walter H. Barrett
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We can provide all necessary equipment for solar electric, hot water, and water pumping systems.
Serving United States and Internationally
34 Mount Ave.
Lincoln, RI 02865
Phone: 401-725-8141
Fax: 401-725-3467
We specialize in low budget solar electric power and water pumping systems. We have 35 years experience.