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For Sale by Owner Real Estate
SBT TX 005 8.06
Steven Shepard
SBT Designs
Designs, sales, installation and service of home automation, lighting and electric power systems.
Serving North Louisiana, and Central/South/East Texas
25581 IH-10 West
San Antonio, Texas 78257
Phone: 210-698-7109
Fax: 210-698-7147
Email: sbtdesigns@sbcglobal.net
Web: http://www.sbtdesigns.com

SEI CO 010
Matthew Harris
Solar Energy International
Education, Hands-On Training and Online Workshops in Renewable Energies and Sustainable Home Design & Construction
Serving Colorado, California, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, North Carolina, Ohio & Mexico
39845 Mathews Lane
Paonia, CO 81428
Phone: 970-527-7657
Fax: 970-527-7659
Email: matthew@solarenergy.org
Web: www.solarenergy.org
Solar Energy International, for 16 years, has been committed to empowering people to use renewable energies in their lives.

Solar Household Energy, Inc
Presents the HotPot TM
~The MOST Natural Way to Cook~
The HotPot is durable, efficient, easy-to-use, portable and saves energy. The HotPot can cook a meal in as little as 2-4 hours, weighs only 19 lbs. The HotPot was created by Florida Solar Energy Center, Energy Labs, and Solar Household Energy. 
Feel good about your energy use, while creating delicious healthy meals with the SUN!
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