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Pro Solar Engineering

Solar, Wind, Micro-hydro Systems

Design and Implementation

Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors
Belmopan City
Belize, Central America
or Contact Marco Valle,
Chief Electrical Engineer
at 501-610-0017
 Email:  info@prosolarltd.com
Web:  www.prosolarltd.com

Spanish Lookout
: 501 823-0210
Mobile: 501 651-3905

We sell solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters, refrigerators and freezers.
WEB: www.petersglassshop.bz
EMAIL: sales@petersglassshop.bz

We also carry:
Windows: Storm Guard, Glass, and Burgler Bar Louvers, Fixed, Sliding, Up/Down, Swinging, and Tilt $ Turn

: Sliding, Barn, Swinging, Frameless Glass, and Bi-Fold Doors

: Roll-up Shutters and Accordian Shutters

: We now have 7 frams optionsand more than 19 Glass Options.

NEW in 2020: We are now producing custom tempered glass products.


Solar Household Energy, Inc

Presents the HotPot

~The MOST Natural Way to Cook~
The HotPot is durable, efficient, easy-to-use, portable and saves energy. The HotPot can cook a meal in as little as 2-4 hours, weighs only 19 lbs. The HotPot was created by Florida Solar Energy Center, Energy Labs, and Solar Household Energy. 
Feel good about your energy use, while creating delicious healthy meals with the SUN!
Visit our Web Site
Contact Solar Household Energy
Learn about the work of SHE


Matthew Harris 

Solar Energy International
Hands-on workshops and Online courses in renewable energy and natural building technologies.

SEI offers trainings online and in 22 locations around the world.

39845 Mathews Lane 
Paonia, CO 81428 
Phone: 970-527-7657 
Fax: 970-527-7659 
Web: www.solarenergy.org
Solar Energy International, for 17 years, has been committed to empowering people to use renewable energies in their lives.

Daniel Anderson
Solarroofs.com, Inc.
We manufactor and install solar thermal water heating
all over the world
5840 Gibbons Dr., Ste. H
Carmichael, CA., 95608, USA
Phone: 916-481-7200
Fax: 916-481-7203
Email: Richsolar@aol.com
Web: Solarroofs.com
USA Federal rebates 30%, and CA. Smud rebates $1,500


Alex Nicholl

Independence Electric Co Manufacturer's rep for 12 & 24 volt DC and 12 & 120 volt AC energy efficient lighting using compact fluorescent lights and LED lights. Solar electric and micro hydro system components and assistance with installation. 
Serving Central/S. America, the Caribbean, Australia, NZ,  Canada, USA, and Europe for LED and compact fluorescent lights, Vancouver Island BC, for solar electric, and micr-hydro systems
663 Birch Street
Campbell River, BC, V9W 2T2, Canada
Phone: 250-286-6129
Email: info@indeleco.ca
Web: led-cfl-lighthouse.com
We have one of the widest selection of compact fluorescent and LED lights for cabins and homes. From 12 Volts DC to 120 Volts AC and from small LED track lights to LED street lights.


SOLutions in Solar Electricity

The New Solar Electric Home

The 3rd edition of this classic how-to book provides the facts, guidelines, tips & tools - worksheets, formulas, diagrams, data & more - all you need to start using solar PV now.
P.O. Box 5089
Culver City, CA 90231
Phone: 310-202-7882
Fax: 310-202-1399
Email: solar@solarsolar.com
Web: www.solarsolar.com


Mike Strizki

Renewable Energy, International, Inc.
  • International Consulting & Engineering Services
  • Solar Photovoltaic PV & Hot Water Systems
  • Hydrogen Generation & Storage
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Power Storage, Conversion, & Conditioning Systems
  • Biomass & Gas Conversion Systems
  • Wind & Hydropower Systems
89 Headquarters Plaza North
4 Speedwell Ave. #1469
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-631-6188
Fax: 973-993-1757
Cell: 609-731-1990
Web Site: Click here
Email: Click Here
The Future of Energy is Here Now